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June 2018

Hello my fellow gourd enthusiasts,

As your new president I am thrilled about the possibilities for our organization.

Although I've been a practicing horticulturist for many years, I am very new at growing gourds and even more inexperienced in doing gourd art. Nonetheless, that does not discourage me and hopefully to some new members it won't discourage you either.

We have abundant talent in our society and I am eager to capitalize on, not only as artists but also as representatives of our group. Presently my plan is to have patch gatherings monthly. Having said that, we are a state organization and monthly gatherings will likely mean traveling to the host site. And I hope this will not be a problem for anyone.

I would like to invite all our Louisiana Gourd Society members to the next gourd patch gathering which will be held at Judy Scott's home in Alexandria, LA (see directions in the news). We will also have a very informal meeting where I would love to have discussions about the future of our organization. Any ideas or suggestions you would like to share will be immensely appreciated.

Thank you Judy for graciously sharing your home!

Look forward to seeing you in Alexandria, LA.

Jackie Carlisi, President

In the News:


What: Cajun Patch Gathering

When: Tuesday July 17, 2018, 10:00 am

Where: Judy Scott’s Home in Alexandria, LA

Lunch: Judy’s husband Daniel will be preparing jambalaya for lunch.  Please bring any accoutrements you desire to have with lunch (snacks, beverages etc).

Please bring any gourd project you want to work on, new or in production.  Be sure to bring any tools and supplies you may need to work.  If you choose not to work, just you will be perfect too!

What: Cajun Patch Gathering

When: Friday August 24, 2018, 10:00 am

Where: Judy Scott’s Home in Alexandria, LA

Who: Judy Quartemont will be teaching us how to make a beautiful gourd bracelet.   She will be bringing all supplies for the project.  We will be using Premo Polymer clay and Judy asks that she get reimbursed for the clay.  The project will require one or two packs of clay at a cost of $3.00 per pack.

Lunch:  Bring a bag lunch


Please RSVP to Jackie Carlisi (jackiecarlisi@cox.net) if you are interested in joining us. She will provide directions to the location of the gourd patch gatherings.